Gamecredits, Bitmarks, Nexium

Regardless of whether bitcoin keeps climbing or not, altcoins will come back eventually. Here are some I think might grow earlier than others.


  • Upcoming: Beta Feb 26
  • Current Polo Price: 13500 Satoshi
  • Old coin, but active development. Good risk/reward ratio if they iron out some problems


  • Upcoming: MobileGo Store Q2 2017
  • Current Polo Price: 19080 Satoshi
  • Ambitious project that is releasing an app store with over 300+ games on release. Will be defacto currency of this game app store.


  • Upcoming: Open Beta April 2017
  • Current Polo Price: 5520 Satoshi
  • A lot of events slated for the next month or two with public beta coming. And the game looks pretty dope - MOBA's are popular for a reason.